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Archies Sizes and Fitting

Fitting in terms of Length

In terms of length, the flip flops were designed with a reasonably ‘snug / tight’ fit in mind. Before ordering we recommend you check out our size guide. Archies Flip Flop sizes fit slightly small, so if in `doubt when choosing your size choose the size up.

The reason we encourage you to wear your Archies nice and snug is so the orthotic sits in the correct position under the foot. 

It is important to note, that it is not a concern if some of the back edge of the heel hangs over the edge of the flip flop (as per the below image).

Of course, if your heel is completely over the edge of the heel cup and squashing down on the rim of the flip flop, then that is different, however, some heel overhang is ok. Again, the most important thing is that the flip flop is comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot. 

To see how to correctly measure your foot length please click here

Please see the image below of acceptable overhang: Please see the image below of too much overhang:
 Archies Flip Flops - side view with acceptable overhang Archies Flip Flops - side view with too much overhang


Fitting in terms of Width

Our flip flops have been designed to be slightly narrower fitting than regular flip flops. The reason for this, is so the foot is held securely in the flip flop and the orthotic sits in the correct position under the foot. We find that most people, even those with wider feet can fit into the flip flops without issue, once they adjust the straps to suit their foot. If you have a particularly wide foot, we recommend choosing one size up.

Please see the image below of  normal overhang.


Archies Flip Flops - top view of overhang


Archies Flip Flops have a tighter strap

Archies Flip Flops have been designed with a tighter strap compared to normal flip flops. Both podiatrists and customers alike, absolutely love this feature as it allows them to walk with a normal walking motion, often over impressive distances in comfort, and without issue! The good news is, while a tight strap is essential for normal foot function, if the strap is too tight it is very easy to instantly fix this by stretching the strap and toe pole to reach your desired level of tightness.

Why is a tight strap important?

The problem with regular flip flops with a loose strap is that the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the flip flops on the feet.

Normally when you walk, your toes are supposed to bend upwards. When the toes bend upwards, this activates the arch of the foot which helps provide protection and support to the vital structures of the feet.

When the toes claw down, such as when trying to keep the flip flops on the feet, the arch does not activate correctly which means you do not get the protective support from the arch of the foot like you are supposed to. This can leave the foot tired and achy, vulnerable to stress and potential injury such as plantar fasciitis. 

If the strap feels a little too tight at first, do not worry, within a few days of wear, the strap will gradually stretch and mould to the shape of your feet.

However, if the strap continues to feel too tight, it is very easy to stretch the strap and the toe pole to instantly decrease tightness.

How to stretch the strap on Archies:

1. To stretch the strap, simply hold the strap between your fingers and in small little increments stretch each section of the strap where it feels too tight. You can do the same for the toe pole if this feels too tight.

2. Continue to do this, trying the flip flop on and off, stretching the strap and toe pole until it has reached your desired level of tightness.

3. It is important to note, that while the straps are very elastic, once stretched, the strap will not return to its original tightness, so please be careful not to overdo the stretching!

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Size Conversion Chart

Archies Flip Flops sizing runs very true to your normal running shoe size, so we suggest to select that for your size.

Note: If you are a half size we recommend ordering the size up.

Women’s Size Conversion Chart

Men's Size Conversion Chart


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